Grated cheese
in all sizes

Since the 1980s, grated cheese has found its way into both professional and domestic kitchens.

Customisation and special wishes possible

For countless applications

Grated cheese is a versatile product, used for hot and cold dishes. Think of sauces, topping, as a decoration and an ingredient for pizzas and ready meals. Grated cheese is also used for well-known bakery products such as cheese sticks, cheese croissants and cheese sandwiches. As you can see, grated cheese is a versatile product and that’s what makes it such a pleasure for us to work with.

Customisation and special wishes

Do you have any special wishes, or can’t you find what you’re looking for? Our Custom Made Team (CMT) has been established especially for this purpose. The CMT studies specific wishes and comes up with suitable solutions. Also, for your specific needs! Please let us know what you are looking for: for instance, special dimensions of cheese, or of packaging. We like a challenge and will be happy to think along with you.

We know your industry

Each industry is unique and sets its own conditions: from product characteristics to transport units and from packaging to logistics requirements. We understand these dynamics. Since 1993, we have been supplying the food industry, food services and retail across Europe. By way of a unique combination of traditional knowledge and modern technology, our cheese products are tailored to the wishes of our various users throughout Europe.

  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Retail
  • Foodservice

Transport units

We are also happy to adapt transport units to your requirements. We deliver your products in the way that best suits your process. For example, in plastic crates, (pallet) boxes, technifils, on H1 pallets, cube or Euro pallets. Our specialised employees will be happy think along with you, so that we can tailor the packaging and transport units perfectly to your requirements.

Cartboard boxes
(Pallet) boxes
Plastic crates
Euro pallets
Block pallets

How can we help you?

Ask your question and we will make sure we turn an ordinary product into something that makes you happy!