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Quality is our top priority. We comply with the strictest international quality standards and are also highly motivated to make products according to your requirements.

Does a certified company also deliver quality products?

You may have the best possible documented food safety processes and standards, but they are useless if they are not consistently put into practice. We’re aware of this and we know our duties and responsibilities, from management to shop floor. With everyone’s knowledge and with the awareness that we’re dealing with delicate foodstuffs, we contribute to a high-quality product every day.

Packing for the right application

There are many possibilities in packaging cheese, at Kaas-Pack as well. We pack small consumer portions as well as large industrial quantities. From 150 grams of sliced cheese to 10 kg grated, and everything in between. Your needs are our guidelines. The best application for you is valuable information to us. Tell us what your requirements are and we will make sure that you get it.

Quality down to the smallest detail

Our products meet the strictest international quality standards. Every day, our motivated and responsible team ensures this. Saying is one thing, but we can also prove it! For many consecutive years, we have been awarded certificates such as IFS, Skal, and the Grated Cheese certificate.

Our responsibility

Social issues such as climate change, the protein transition and the use of plastics affect everyone. We are aware of our responsibility in the chain and are constantly looking for places to make a contribution. For example, we now generate more than 25 percent of our electricity with solar panels. We also use water sparingly, and are currently studying possibilities for making our packaging (process) more sustainable.

  • Your sustainable partner
  • Working towards a better future
  • Responsible